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Franz Ackermann

Born 1964, Neumarkt-Sankt Veit, Germany.
Lives and works in Berlin and Karlsruhe, Germany.

«The expansiveness that distinguishes Franz Ackermann's work and its interaction with the exhibition space is the same that determines thev artist's continual need to travel the world. Based in Berlin, Ackermann is a tireless grobetrotter, and on these travels - from São Paulo to Hong Kong, from Los Angeles to Machu Picchu, from Libya to the confines of Europe - he gathers the feel for urban and natural spaces evinced throughout his oeuvre. Ackermann's psychogeography, a term derived from Guy Debord's situationist  theory, is first laid out as watercolours in his "mental maps", in which architectural elements of the city appear in a sort of a quick psychedelic flow. This drawings that the artist produces during flights and in hotel rooms provide the base for large-format canvases that he painted in his studio, often creating site-specific paintings as part of large installations. In No Direction Home (2007), Ackermann presented a reflection on his rapport  with São Paulo a metropolis that he has visited since 1998 and refers to as "a master plan of anonymity". The installation comprised rotating paintings, second-hand furniture, and dozens of photographs shot in Tropical Islands, a German resort that glamorizes the stereotype of a tropical environment. The cliched images conflicted with the chaotic representation of the large city rendered in the paintings, challenging the spectator's longing to still nurture a romantic view of the exotic. Always mediated by an extremely subjective vision, Ackermann's work offers a reflection on the many simultaneities in our contemporary world, its interrelations and superimpositions - in other words, its lack of centre.» Rodrigo Moura